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We’re here to help you develop your WordPress skills as you create your own website. With our WordPress Training in Adelaide or Virtually, you can learn everything you need to know, without the wasted hours searching for the how.

Or if you prefer we can create a site for you with as little or as much input as you would like

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My name is Garry and I’ve been creating webpages since 1994. You will find me most days teaching computer training at WEA – Adult Learning in Adelaide. Have a look at the wide range of courses and book one.

I have set this site up for supporting students and others. Some online content is in the development stages.

WordPress Training in Adelaide or Virtually.

Learn how to impress with the latest modern design trends.

or… would you prefer to have the website created for you?

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Common Questions

Your website will be built using WordPress, which is the most common system used by the web industry.

Yes, your new website will be responsive to mobile devices.

It is best if you can provide your own images, provided they are in .jpg or .png format and more than 1600px wide or 1000px tall. Any “Hero” images, ie. oversized banner images which cover the width of the screen should be at least 2000px wide.

If you don’t have your own images, the course will make suggestions of where you might find suitable images you can use.