Blog or a Website? Which do I create

A Blog or a Website? Which Do I Create

What is a Blog?

A blog is a website presented as a discussion or is informational in nature. The content consists of entries or blog posts that are topical and are sometimes written in an informal manner. The posts are by default displayed on the home page. They are sorted in reverse-chronological order where the most recent is shown first. Alternatively you can specify another page to display the blog-posts. Blogs normally seek comments or discussion around the topic presented.

Blogs may simply be an avenue of expression for individuals to showcase their talents. They can also allow interaction with others who share an interest. For businesses, a blog can be an important part of their marketing, where an exchange of information can attract potential customers to their website. Others use a blog to make money. This can be displaying ads, or affiliate marketing where they receive a small commission when visitors purchase products and services they found by clicking links in the blog.

What is The Difference Between Blog and Website?

Blogs and websites do share traits but the main difference is that Blogs are updated regularly with new, topical content. Websites are more static in nature, with pages that are not updated frequently.

Some websites also contain a Blog section with information that will interest clients and increase visits to the website. The Blog component could also be as simple as a news section, so a Blog can be a website or part of a website, but not all websites are Blogs.

So Which Is Better?

Using WordPress you can build both a blog or a Website. It all depends on what information you want to make available and your reasons for the Website.

I only want to regularly add topical information for discussion – Blog

A Blog allows you to express your creativity or share knowledge as you interact with others who share similar interests

I want to create static pages that wont change often – Website

A Website with static pages can provide a presence on the Web, without the constant need to create fresh content.

I want static pages but will also add topical content frequently – Website with a Blog

Many businesses are realising the potential of having a blog as part of their marketing strategy. Website traffic should increase if a Blog section is added to a traditional website because they are known to improve SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.

Creating Content for the Blog or Website.

You create WordPress content with either a Page or a Post. The way you edit a Page or a Post is almost identical. The difference is how WordPress treats that content.

Posts are the Blog (pages) that are displayed in reverse chronological order on either the Homepage or another page specified.

Pages are the one-off type of content such as a Home page, Landing page, Services page, About-Us page, Contact page or similar.

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