Spellcheck in WordPress

If you copy and paste your content from Microsoft Word or a similar program, you will be using the spellcheck features of those programs. Spellchecking your text when editing directly into your WordPress Posts/Pages is not asnice.

Showing miss-spelt words when editing WordPress documents is something that is controlled by the browser you are using. You can modify how spellcheck in WordPress is handled in your browser. I have included the 2 most common browsers here but others should work in a similar manner. Like our Facebook page for more tips

See instructions for Firefox

Spellcheck with Google Chrome

Finding spellcheck in Google Chrome

1Click the 3 dot menu in the top right of the Chrome window

2Choose Settings

instruction Chrome 2

3Scroll to the bottom and click Advanced

instruction Chrome 3

4Turn on Spellcheck and choose Basic

5 Choose English or another preference

Spellcheck in WordPress – Firefox

1 Right-click on any word in the WordPress Editor.

2Choose Languages > Add Dictionaries

Spellcheck in WordPress using Firefox

3Scroll down until you find English (Australian)

Firefox instruction 02

4Choose English (Australian) Dictionary

5Then click Add to Firefox

Firefox instruction04

6Confirm the install by clicking Add

Firefox instruction 06

7When the confirmation is displayed, click Okay

Firefox instruction 07

8Color should now be an error, but Colour should be good!

Firefox Spellcheck 08

Good luck with your spellcheck in WordPress!

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